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The concept:
Skateboarding on a summer day.
Wheels burning on the hot concrete sidewalk.
The smells of rubber and tar colliding to create a scent of youth and freedom.

The packaging:
An intensely red box and classic rounded bottle as an homage to historic Russian perfumes.
A wooden cap inspired by the raw materials of skateboards.

The ingredients:
Top: Angelica Root ess , Buchu ess.
Mid: Mandarin Seed ess, Blue Chamomile ess.
Dry: Styrax ess, Vetiver ess Haiti, Patchouli ess.
Creative Direction Comme des Garcons: Christian Astuguevieille
Perfumer: Alexis Dadier

Gosha Rubchinskiy Eau de Toilette (100ml)

2 633,00₴Цена
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